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Here is a film for everyone to enjoy =)

Lui And The Yoghurt - Let It Be

It's a DivX-file and takes about 5.3 Mb

For Your information:

The film is a musikvideo of a guy going to buy an orange pot. No lyrics cause none of us could sing. It vas made as a school projekt and took about 2-4 hors to plan and shoot.
Then it took alot of hours and crashes on the schools computers before we managed to sync it. It was made on a 500MHz computer with premiere 5 or 6. It was me who cut it and sice our teacher was very fond of transitioning effects I used them too much, atleast imo. The camera was a sony Digital-8 if I remember correctly.
When You've seen this film please Tell me what you think by mail, poll, guestbook or some other way.
PS. There is a poll with more questions under the big poll.

© Max Jönsson 2002